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Youth Speakers

In case you are looking for speakers or retreat leaders, here is a list we recommend because we have personally heard and worked with them.  We are sure there are many others and as we continue to discover them, we will add them to our list.

Adrian is intense, exciting, wild, and crazy.  His love for the Lord is so evident, as well as his passion to know and follow God daily.

Afshin is a former Muslim that accepted Christ in his senior year of high school.  His testimony is a powerful witness to God's grace and faithfulness even in the midst of persecution.

Allen is the Founder of the Youth Ministry Institute at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where he serves as Associate Professor of Youth Education.  He is a much sought after youth ministry speaker and author of 6 books on youth ministry. Currently he is serving as senior pastor of Dunwoody Baptist Church in Georgia.

Chad Poe
For seven years, Chad has been speaking Biblical truth into students lives. Chad preaches God's Word through story telling, media, and visual experience. As someone not simply called to speak, Chad believes in the importance of relationship and seeks to get to know students when he is away from the stage. Ultimately, Chad hopes to see students moved into a deeper relationship with Christ. In turn, those students will live lives of action that impact their community and world.

Chris Allen
Chris has been working with the BeDoTell Staff for four years now, since returning home from St Thomas, Virgin Islands where his sister, Merrie Johnson, and his father found him homeless in 2001. Chris is also one of our keynote speakers on our state "Reach Up Tours". He recently graduated from Fruitland and is now living and studying at Southeastern.

Derwin Gray
Derwin played 5 seasons in the NFL with the Colts and one season with the Carolina Panthers. D. Gray, as the students call him, has a great passion for God and wants to share that passion with students so they can share with their friends.

Eddie Briery
Eddie is a Pastor and Evangelist that truly desires to see lives transformed by hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has served the local church in a couple of different roles. A Student Pastor, a Church Planter and most recently a Senior Pastor. His life experience and travels, along with the conviction of the Holy Spirit, have shaped his perspective on life and has given him the ability to connect with all ages.

Freddy T. Wyatt
Freddy T. is pastor of The Gallery Church of New York City. He is a passionate worshipper of Jesus Christ, powerful preacher to all ages. He brings the Word with vivid illustrations as he unpacks the meaning of the text.  He loves seeing students awakened to God's glory. Freddy T. and his wife Susan live in Manhattan with their three children.

Jeremy Kingsley 
Jeremy's servant spirit and his deep love for Jesus illuminate his messages and challenges listeners with a lasting impact.  He takes such strong messages and breaks them down into a way that even the youngest of believers can understand.

Ken Smith
Ken is the former team chaplain for schools including Florida State University and Clemson University.  He is also on the Board of Trustees for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Ken has many roles including husband, pastor, coach, trainer, father, grandfather, friend, mentor, motivational speaker, teacher, evangelist, and friend of God.

Mac Johnson 
Mac Johnson brings a freshness when speaking to teenagers because he understands where they are and so desires for them to live out their faith in Jesus Christ. Mac has served as the drama intern and other team assignments on the BeDoTell team for many years. Mac would be a terrific speaker for DiscipleNow, Fifth Quarters, and other retreats for students.

Mike Satterfield
Mike has a tremendous passion for God’s word coupled with a love for God’s people. He has a contagious spirit of generosity that flows through every facet of his ministry. Having received his mandate from God, Mike, obediently fulfills his calling communicating spiritual truths to all audiences, both students and adults.  He is an effective communicator with fresh and original illustrations.  God has given him the ability to engage the audience with his skilled use of words and his warm personality.  He combines both to reflect the vitalizing truths laid out in God’s Word in a relevant message to the world.

Ron Fowler
Ron is the Associate and Student Pastor for the First Baptist Church of Garner, NC.  Ron is an NC Net Leader and serves as a member on the committee that helps to plan the summer Youth Weeks at Caswell.

Steve Ayers
Steve is exciting to listen to and is never boring! His taste for driving Harley's and his love for all people has given him a passion to spread God's love everywhere he goes.  He is the Senior Pastor of Hillvue Church in Bowling Green, KY.  He has been a popular speaker at our summer camps at Caswell.

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