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BeDoTell is looking for young adults to use their talents and abilities in music, drama, and production to serve during Summer Youth Weeks at Fort Caswell. Interested applicants must have completed high school, plus one year of college, or be 19 years old. Staff members will serve on either the band, production, or drama team.  Along with serving on your primary team, all of the team members work together in running the camp with various duties of camp registration, merchandise, track times, food packaging mission project, and various aspects of operating camp. 

The BeDoTell staff is created of college-aged students who love Jesus and want others to know of His love. We want staff that has the heart to serve and see the lives of students changed. We look for mature, responsible, team mentality, strong work ethic, leadership skills, different backgrounds, gifts, and talents.

Position Descriptions

Position Descriptions


Positions: drums, bass, keys, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, violin/cello, lead vocals/harmony vocals

Members learn about 20 popular worship songs


Positions: audio, stage lights, pro presenter, cameras, live stream, and photographer/videographer

Creates short films and testimony videos for services


A team of 5-6 individuals that memorize ongoing scripts, funny scripts, create commercials, and lead games during services.