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Without having youth ministers, leaders, volunteers, and helpers, youth ministry would not be able to function.  In order to help these leaders to stay current and attend to the needs of students, we have planned several yearly events designed for leaders.  Below, we have listed some events that are coming up in the next few months specifically for youth ministers, leader, volunteers, and helpers.  For more information on the upcoming events, click the event titles below.

NC Net Leaders

NC Net Leaders is a group of selected youth ministers and leaders from around the state that meet together to discuss how to improve youth ministry in our state and then take that information and share it with other youth ministers and leaders in their own regions.

What exactly is a "NC Net Leader?"  Well, we are looking for Youth Ministers and leaders from across the state who would be interested in becoming regional specialists.  These individuals would help other churches in their region, to strengthen Youth Ministry to teenagers in their local church.  We would invite these specialists each year to a state wide training event to help equip them in how to assist churches.  We prefer these specialists to have had eight to ten years of experience working with teenagers in a local church setting, whether as a paid staff person or volunteer.  If you would be interested in becoming one of these specialists, please contact...

Merrie Johnson
Sr. Consultant of Student Evangelism & Ministry
(800) 395-5102 ext. 5568
(919) 467-5100 ext. 5568